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We understand the challenges health care consumers face in establishing and maintaining medical independence at home and we want to help. The Alegis Care® programs offer health plans and their members cost-effective, specialized services that are delivered in the comfort of the patient’s home including assisted living facilities, and independent living facilities. Medical providers deliver home care that ranges from direct patient care, comprehensive health assessment services, targeted chronic care management programs, including transitional care programs from hospital-to-home, long term care, and advanced illness. 2

Programs include:

Comprehensive Health Assessments

Health plans can benefit from our comprehensive health assessments program, which can identify gaps in care and quality as well as provide accurate data for coding, Star rating and payment purposes.

Chronic Care Management

Our coordinated care program is designed to reduce preventable hospital admissions, improve health outcomes and increase member satisfaction. We offer programs for:

  • Transitional Care
  • Long Term Care
  • Advanced Illness

Direct Patient Care

Experienced physicians and other providers deliver primary care services to the members of our managed care partners right in the comfort of the patient’s home.


1 This website is maintained by Home Physicians Management, LLC, a health services management organization, on behalf of its managed medical practices which are licensed to use the Alegis Care brand and logo. For a list of medical practices see Contact Us page.

2 All medical services are performed by the managed medical practices through duly licensed health care professionals in accordance with applicable state law.