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Maintain employee satisfaction and productivity by providing multiple access points for care.

Active care management helps keep your team engaged

Care from Alegis Care saves your employees time spent traveling to doctors' offices and sitting in waiting rooms. Increase productivity with telehealth, in-home and in-office care.

An escalating health issue can put your employees at risk. Alegis Care is a better way to protect your employees and reduce overall costs associated with potential at-risk employees.

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Get the full picture of your employees

Our enhanced access model extends care and provides insights into those who may not be receiving the care they need.

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Over 25 years of extending provider care in the home

Our company mission is built around providing multiple access points to care to help lower risk and improve health outcomes. See why Alegis Care is a better choice for extending care for your employees.

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Have a competitive advantage

It is increasingly difficult to locate and retain quality talent in today's landscape. Alegis Care's in-home and in-office care not only fosters a productive and healthy team, but gives you a competitive advantage over other organizations.

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What working with us looks like

We can extend care into your employees' homes, as well as facilitate care in your office with services such as wellness exams.

Our services allow you to:

  • Have a more informed picture of employee health
  • Identify at-risk individuals more quickly
  • Reduce unnecessary emergency room visits and hospital admissions
  • Leverage data to close gaps in care
  • Improve care coordination


Working with Alegis Care has never been easier

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