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Working together to help your patients gain better access to care.

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Extending care

No matter how often you see your patients, it's hard to know truly what happens at home.

Our in-home expertise supports the care you give by providing additional insight. We report back to you about what may be helping or impeding patient health in the home environment.

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Social determinants of health

Our in-home model extends the reach of your care when a patient lacks transportation, time or any other social determinants of health that impede their ability to receive the care they need.

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Over 25 years of extending provider care into the home

Our company mission is built around providing in-home primary care services to improve health outcomes and lower risk. See why Alegis Care is a better choice for extending your care into the home.

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What working with us looks like

Our in-home services allow you to:

  • Have a more informed picture of your patients' health
  • Better serve your at-risk patients who have difficulty managing their health
  • Reduce your patient emergency room visits and hospital admissions
  • Leverage data to close gaps in care
  • Accurately document and code your patients
  • Improve care coordination

Working with Alegis Care has never been easier

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