Alegis Care Nurse Practitioner, Lis, supports whole-person health by conducting wellness exams for patients in their home. She finds signs before they become symptoms, identifies environmental concerns, reinforces primary care physicians’ (PCPs’) instructions, provides referrals or education and shares resources.

Many of Lis’ patients live in rural Texas and may not have easy access to care.

“Sometimes we are the only health care providers these patients have seen in quite a while.”

Lis says this means “they share their stories with us, their triumphs about their health with us (overcoming cancer) and they also share their darkest moments of life (loss of a loved one).”

Her appointment schedule often means driving long distances into unfamiliar terrain.

On one such day, she navigated without cell service to locations not mapped on GPS, turned down unpaved and unmarked roads, and even encountered wild animals. She persevered to positively impact many lives by:

  • Helping a patient understand the importance of taking medication
  • Helping a patient newly diagnosed with diabetes understand that medication and dietary changes would help manage blood sugar
  • Providing self-care resources for a patient stressed from caring for a spouse with Alzheimer’s
  • Referring a patient who recently lost a loved one to suicide to behavioral health services
  • Referring a patient with depression due to new memory problems to behavioral health services and to dental for help with broken teeth, as well as demonstrating how to use a blood pressure machine
  • Coordinating for a patient’s home oxygen tank to be serviced and scheduling medical supplies by mail order
  • Developing rapport with a skeptical patient, reviewing medications and discussing finding a PCP closer to home

These interactions – all in a day’s work - represent how Alegis Care providers are delivering value and making a difference. They’re promoting healthy behaviors, preventing hospitalizations, connecting patients with programs or community resources and improving patient outcomes.

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