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There’s No Place Like Home: Helping a Patient in Need

Sasha is a social worker. As part of Alegis Care, she sees patients in their home. Many are unable to leave their home for health services or have other significant barriers to accessing care or basic necessities. They trust and rely on her for these visits, often times being the only primary care provider or even person they see on a regular basis.

Like a superstar, Sasha jumps in to help patients overcome challenges impacting their health and wellness – also called a social determinant of health. This example demonstrates how powerful of an impact Alegis Care can have on those we serve.

“I don’t want to be homeless again.”

Belinda* is a long-time Alegis Care patient with limited resources who had previously experienced homelessness. Earlier this year, she found herself facing housing insecurity again. Belinda received notice that her housing voucher expired and would need to look for new housing. She couldn’t afford an initial deposit to move into a new apartment and was having trouble obtaining all of the documents needed to complete the housing application. With little family or social support to help her find new affordable housing, she reached out to a trusted resource for help: Sasha.

Sasha scheduled a visit with Belinda and jumped right in to provide assistance and locate community resources. First, she helped Belinda obtain the documents needed to complete the housing application and get them to the housing office. Then she set out to see what resources may be available to help Belinda with the housing deposit. She contacted a local church to see if they offered assistance, as well as the Department of Aging to see if any grants were available to assist with the down payment.

Through extensive coordination of available resources, Sasha was able to negotiate a significant reduction to the housing deposit and donations from community churches to help offset the financial burden. The deposit was now at a cost Belinda could afford. We’re happy to share that Belinda moved into her new apartment the day before she was to be evicted from her current housing.

Belinda expressed her gratitude for the time and persistence we gave to her situation when she had no one to help her navigate this system:

“Thank you so much for helping me because this is a very stressful situation, and I don’t want to be homeless again.”

This example highlights the dedication Sasha and her team have to their patients. In addition to providing empathetic service, Sasha also went the extra mile to make it easy for this patient.

*Patient name changed for confidentiality reasons

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