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Working together

We work together with patients, caregivers, doctors, health plans and other organizations to identify and address barriers to care to improve quality of life and reduce costs.

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Programs we offer

Health Assessments

How our Health Assessments Work
A health assessment is an in-home care visit where we review an individual's medical history and conduct an exam to capture the current state of health. We then recommend a best path forward to help manage an individual’s health.

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Transition of Care Program

How our Transition of Care Program Works
When an individual has been discharged from the hospital, we are notified and reach out to set up an in-home visit. We help them understand their discharge instructions, answer questions, guide them through next steps and create a summary report so patients, doctors and health plans are on the same page. 

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Chronic Condition Programs

How our Chronic Condition Programs work
We work with health plans and primary care doctors (if available) to match individuals with the right program to manage a chronic condition. We help get an understanding of barriers in the home and work together to provide a plan that best fits each individual.

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Advanced Care Program

How our Advanced Care Program Works
Advanced illnesses require unique care. We discuss care goals to create a plan that supports the physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural needs of those affected.

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