Nurse applying ointment to patient’s hand in home.

Maximize quality of life

Our Advanced Care Program is built off a palliative care model, meaning we provide in-home care and support to prevent and alleviate physical and emotional pain for those in the advanced stages of an illness.

Nurse talking to patient about her care goals.

Advanced Care Goals

We work hard to fully understand and respect the different physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural needs of every patient, and work together to help patients and their families reach their desired goals.

What our Advanced Care Program looks like

We recommend an Advanced Care Program at any stage of an illness, but specifically if symptoms are intensifying.

Our team supports an individual’s primary care doctor and does not take over care for the individual.

If an individual is in the earlier stages of an illness:

  • We work to reduce symptoms, explore goals and improve quality of life
  • Prepare individuals, caregivers and loved ones for future decisions
  • Transition patients back to their primary care doctor when appropriate

If an individual is in the last stages of an illness:

  • We assist individuals, caregivers and loved ones by providing context for possible treatments and assisting with identifying the appropriate next level of care


How do I know if someone is ready for advanced care?

Typically we recommend advanced care if an individual has advancing or serious illness and/or they exhibit the following:

  • Frequent visits to a rehabilitation facility or hospital
  • Dependent on medication rescue dosing
  • Increased symptoms
  • Need additional durable medical equipment (DME) such as a hospital bed
  • Need increased assistance with activities of daily living such as feeding and bathing
  • Resisting hospice care

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